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Exposition: Le Thé à Guimet / Exhibit : Tea at Guimet

31 Dec


AUjourd’hui, je suis allée au musée Guimet dans le 16ème arrondissement de Paris. C’est un musée spécialisé dans l’art asiatique. En ce moment, il y a une exposition sur Hokusai qui s’arrêtera le 7 janvier, et une autre sur le thé, qui s’arrêtera le 28 janvier.


Today I went to an exhibition at the Guimet museum, which is located in the 16th district of Paris. It is a museum specialised about Asia. There is an exhibition about Hokusai, which is stopping in January, 7th, and another one about tea, which stops in January, 28th.

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2012 in review and Happy New Year !

31 Dec

An amazing and funny report from WordPress about my blog !

I also wanted to thank you all for following me, and I hope you are all longing for my adventures in Japan! Happy New Year everyone!


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 6,200 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 10 years to get that many views.

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Gnocchi au beurre de sauge, potimarron et pancetta / Gnocchi with sage butter, squash and pancetta

30 Dec


J’ai décidé de faire mon blog en franco-anglais. Avant, c’était plus simple lorque j’étais au Vietnam de parler seulement en anglais, comme ça tout le monde pouvait me comprendre, mais je pense que les français ont peut-être du mal à lire en anglais, et même si le mois prochain je serai au Japon, je continuerai à écrire en français. Je vais d’abord commencer par écrire dans les deux langues dans un même post, mais je vais bientôt passer mon blog en professionnel, donc je pourrais avoir une page par langue.

Aujourd’hui je vais vous donner ma recette de gnocchi. Les gnocchi sont des pâtes faites avec des pommes de terre, du moins pour ce qui est dans ma région d’origine.

Ingrédients pour les gnocchi:

Pommes de terre cuites (1 moyenne par personne)

Farine (40gr par personne)

1 oeuf


I have decided to turn my blog into a bilingual one. It used to be easier when I was in Vietnam to speak only English so that everyone could understand me, but I feel that French people don’t like much reading in English, and even if next month I will be in Japan, I will keep on writing in French. So I will start by writing both languages inside the same post, but I’ll soon upgrade my blog.

Today, I will give you a good recipe of gnocchi. Gnocchi are a kind of pasta made with potatoes (at least in the Italian region where I come from).

Ingredients for the gnocchi:

Cooked potatoes (1 average per person)

Flour (40g per person)

1 egg


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Prêt A Manger , Paris

22 Dec


I wanted to try Pret A Manger which has settled in Paris last year. I was not that used to it while I was living in the UK, because I was staying on a campus, and the only coffee shop we had was Costa Cafe.

However, there are a lot that I appreciate at Pret A Manger, as I said earlier in this post:

But the only thing which I really like there and that has been kept for the French shops, is the lemon cake.

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Tarte Infiniment Vanille and Croissant Ispahan at Pierre Hermé

20 Dec


I tried a few pastries from the famous pastry shop: Pierre Hermé. My favourite pastry is Ispahan, and because it was invented by Pierre Hermé himself, well, I usually buy this one. At first, I wanted to buy the Lemon Surprise (it changes every month, and for December, it is now the Celebrations’ Surprise : However, a girl bought the last one before I could ask for it… So I bought instead a Infiniment Vanille Tart and a Croissant Ispahan.



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Japanese snacks from Aki Boulanger, Paris

17 Dec


I went to try the Japanese/French pastry in the Japanese area of Paris.

It is called Aki, and it is a very nice place which looks very French, and you can find lunch boxes (bento), sandwiches, cakes, onigiri, drinks…

I like the fact that there is a mix between French and Japanese food. For instance you can find random pastries with matcha. You can buy sandwiches the Japanese way.

It is very interesting and makes me wanna buy everything!

So I bought a small loaf of bread called Miso bread. It was actually close to a brioche with a very crusty crust. On top of the crust, you can see a small brown layer as a Z shape. I think it is the Miso. They offer diverse types of this bread with other ingredients.



I also bought a Mille Feuilles with matcha inside, it was very good too! The puff pastry was very crunchy, and the cream inside was balanced enough.


Aki Boulanger (Aki is also a restaurant in the same street):

16, rue Sainte-Anne

75001 Paris

TV show: Le gâteau de mes rêves

13 Dec


I just discovered that Christophe Michalak, the pastry chef of the Plaza Athénée in Paris has a tv show on Teva (a TNT channel)!

It is called Le Gâteau de mes rêves, and Michalak has to cook with someone who has tried to cook the pastry of the day.

Here is the link to see the videos of the TV show :

Blend, Paris

12 Dec


I wanted to try one of the new burger restaurants that have opened in Paris while I was away. Blend attracted me because the meat comes from a famous Parisian butcher: Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec.

So we arrived quite late at Blend, it was 9:30pm, but there was a huge queue outside. Unfortunately, the place is small (there are about 8 tables), and I think that there aren’t any bookings available…


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Fresh salad with grapefruit, kabucha and boulgour

10 Dec


Last week, the vegetables and fruits’ seller at the market offered us a grapefruit. So I decided to use it in a salad. I also had a leftover of cooked kabucha (which is a Japanese squash).

The first step, was to chop the grapefruit, and put it, with its juice in a bowl.
I cooked a bit of bulgur, and put it under cold water to let it cool. I also cleaned some mash salad (lamb’s lettuce), chopped the kabucha and put everything inside the bowl.

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Season + shake Chicken Tikka Massala, by Colman’s

8 Dec


I have tried the pack Season + shake from Colman’s which I had bought in England before going back to France.
I thought this pack was so English: an English brand offering an Indian meal. In France, we used to have an advert about roasted chicken made with this kind of pack, but I recently discovered that there is a pack for making chicken the Indian way, so I bought it too so I can compare both packs.

For those of you who have never seen this, it just consists of a plastic bag and spices united inside a pack which can help you cooking a meat perfectly. In this case, it was supposed to help me making a tikka massala chicken.



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