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Tết Trung Thu

29 Sep

Tomorrow will be the Tết Trung Thu, which is called the mid-autumn festival all around Asia.

In Vietnam it is actually a children’s day, where they have fun and light some lanterns with their friends.

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Vietnamese snacks: hotdog

27 Sep


Today, a small post about one streetfood you can get in Vietnam: hotdogs. But wait, they call it hotdog but it’s actually a triangle pancake! The sellers use some kind of machine to make them, which is a bit like a waffle machine, but it has only the shape of four triangles.
And here it gets quite interesting because the fillings are originals.
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Bò Lá Lốt & Nem Nướng

26 Sep

So today I will tell you more about two kinds of Vietnamese dishes: Bo La Lot and Nem Nuong.

Bo La Lot is a kind of minced beef covered by a vine leaf on a skewer grilled in the barbecue.






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Update and Super Sweet Blogger Award

26 Sep

This is a post I’ve made 10 days ago before going to Napoli, due to some issues with internet, I am now back in Paris after ten days in Italy and in Lyon. Here is my post:

So, I now have time to tell you a bit about where I am currently: in Paris.
I came back yesterday from Singapore and in approximately 30 minutes, I’ll be heading to my train station to go to the airport to take a plane for Napoli.

I have been nominated by Janinka for the Super Sweet Blogger Award, who I thank for that, and so I now need to answer a few questions and also nominate people.

There are three rules to follow:

-The nominees have to thank the person that nominated them.
-Answer the 5 Super Sweet Questions — See below
-Nominate a bakers dozen of other Super Sweet Bloggers and let them know.

Cookies or cake: cookies!

Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate obviously

What is your favourite sweet treat? The original Ispahan pastry from Pierre Hermé

When do you crave sweet things the most? when I am abroad and am not able (or don’t have enough money) to afford eating what I want. I am also always dreaming about food while working or studying.

If you had a sweet nickname what would it be? I used to have one while on Summer camp: Heloise de Cookies roux. Which seems quite weird, but Heloise is my name, and there is this cookies’ brand called Hello, so Heloise de Cookies and finally roux because I am red haired. Weird nickname right? We were 10 and pretty originals.

My 12 nominees are:
Gwen Nguyen
Ma vraie cuisine japonaise
Savoirs et saveurs
Délices d’orient
Hello saigon
Como come cami
Flavor boulevard
Tout à l’égo
Raid Pâtisseries
My Bites
Wandering girl

By the way, if you want to know what was the first thing I ate back home: tomatoes and buratta salad, followed by a poultry galantine (poultry filled in a special way, directly coming from the local butcher) and a mirabelle plum tart.

In the next few weeks, you will still have some posts about Vietnam, but also a few recipes, and my food diaries of Singapore, Italy and Lyon.

Tiên Quê 333, Japanese restaurant in Bien Hoa City

21 Sep

Sorry for the lack of information/posts, I am currently on holidays with my family. I wrote a post about the Super Sweet Blogger Award but I still need to find a few bloggers to award, so I’ll tell you more when I’ll return home!

This is a post about another nice restaurant in Bien Hoa City where I live.

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Vietnamese snacks: Chè

20 Sep

This is one of the special desserts Vietnam offers.

I really don’t like it but thought it was worth sharing it.

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Vietnamese hotpot (Lẩu) and barbecue

18 Sep

One other Vietnamese typical dish. Well, It’s actually pretty Asian.

In Vietnam, there aren’t many things that make the hotpot truly Vietnamese apart from the dipping sauces.

However, depending on where you order it, you can end up with a lot of weird stuffs: beef brains, beef tongue, hatched eggs (you know, this egg full of a baby chicken that you will boil with the egg and eat (and sip the liquid inside sometimes…)?)…

But sometimes it can just be good, with meat or seafood you are used to.

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Mekong Sweets

17 Sep

A long long time ago, I did a one-day tour in the Mekong River. I had planned this post a few months ago now, but always had stuffs that went first.

So I booked the tour with Sinh Tourist and it ended up becoming a “local companies show”, where the only things we did were moving from company to company to see what were their specialties. At least we spent a lot of time in the boat!

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Pictures from Thailand

13 Sep

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Viet snacks: Pate

11 Sep

Hey everyone! I am currently in Singapore (arrived last Saturday) and I am coming back to Paris tonight. I have been awarded with the Super Sweet Blogger Award but had not time to speak about it yet (I had prepared all my posts before leaving). I’ll probably write something about it tomorrow from my home. In the meantime, here is today’s post:

Here is a small post about some kind of snack which is directly coming from this sad period when France was ruling Vietnam.

There are many words in Vietnamese that are coming from French words like Pho Mai (which stands for fromage/cheese), Pate (which stands for pate), Café or Jambon…

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