Tiên Quê 333, Japanese restaurant in Bien Hoa City

21 Sep

Sorry for the lack of information/posts, I am currently on holidays with my family. I wrote a post about the Super Sweet Blogger Award but I still need to find a few bloggers to award, so I’ll tell you more when I’ll return home!

This is a post about another nice restaurant in Bien Hoa City where I live.

I still don’t understand the name of the restaurant (once translated, it does not mean anything) and apparently, Vietnamese like to have a Vietnamese name for a foreign restaurant (it’s usually the same for Korean restaurants).

The restaurant is located just behind the entrance of Amata, an industrial zone. If you’re once lost in Bien Hoa City or in the neighbourhood, you can ask any taxi driver “Amata, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai” and they will know where to go. Amata is on the road going directly to Saigon and many buses doing Saigon-Northern cities go through Bien Hoa.

Anyway, the restaurant did not exist when we arrived in March, but it opened quickly and because we are used to pass in front of Amata at least once a day, we quickly saw it (they had put a lot of big banners that you could read from the street).

My craving for Japanese food quickly made us walk in to the restaurant.

It is a bit more expensive than other foreign restaurants, but you can easily eat for less than 8€.

All the raw fish have more or less the same price as in France, but the more typical Japanese food such as udon, soba or curry cost less than 160 000 dongs (meaning 6€). Then you just add a fresh fruit juice for 40 000 (1,50€) and you have a cheap restaurant meal (cheap for Westerners, not cheap for Vietnam!).

I went there a few times so there are two dinners that you can see in pictures.

They always offer you some kind of appetizer, which can be not really good sometimes… We had some nice fish once, then some breaded squid and some cooked salmon the other times.

I don’t know why, but when I am there, I usually eat two dishes by myself when I’m there.

So here was a soba ramen. Well, there is a true bowl of ramen, those are just soba with a dashi which is the Japanese broth (can’t guess what the dashi is made of yet, but I’ll try to improve in Japan!). Their dashi is tasty!

Here are some maki.
The sushi rice is not that good though, it is maybe the only thing I can complain about. The fish is fresh, but the rice is not well prepared.

Good gyoza…

Vegetables and shrimp tempura. It was served with the soup of soba or udon (you can choose which noodles you want), but you can also take the soup without tempura! There is usually a tempura of coriander (I think it’s coriander), one of sweet potato (delicious), one with manioc, one or two with praws and one with eggplant.

The udon soup.

Here is a chirashi, it is a bit more expensive than the rest (180 000 dongs instead of 165 000 for the combo soup/tempura), but the fish is good!

Here is the bill for half of what you see here!

By the way, one day when we went out of the restaurant, there were a lot of ducks and baby ducks in the small “pool” just before the entrance! Really cute!

Fun fact about the foreign restaurants in Vietnam, owners like that their waiters welcome you in the “local” language. So when you get into a Japanese restaurant, waiters will probably have a “Irasshaimase!” for you, and some thank you for coming in Japanese when you get out (I still don’t really get the Japanese words they are using when you go out though, so I am just guessing what they say).

Mark: 4,5/5
Nice place, nice waiters, nice food!

Tien Que 333:

R001 Toa Nha,
Bien Hoa

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