Tết Trung Thu

29 Sep

Tomorrow will be the Tết Trung Thu, which is called the mid-autumn festival all around Asia.

In Vietnam it is actually a children’s day, where they have fun and light some lanterns with their friends.

For the mid-autumn festival, people in Asia usually eat mooncakes (called Banh Trung Thu in Vietnam). The classical one is made with a crust, and you can find inside an egg yolk and a lotus paste.

So many mooncakes’ stalls opened everywhere in my city! There was actually one per corner.



The mooncakes’ flavours are only written in Vietnamese. So when we decided to buy a few mooncakes, we chose them without really knowing what was inside.

However, we already knew some words in Vietnamese, like Jam Bon (ham) or Ga (chicken), Dua (pandan)…



So here is the bag made to contain 4 mooncakes. They are usually sold by 4.



Here are the four flavours we chose. Can you guess what it is?



This one is the first we chose: Hat Sen. It means lotus paste.


It was quite good.




Here is the one called Ga Quay Jambon. It means roasted chicken and ham. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any meat inside.


The filling looked more like dried fruits and nuts with the egg yolk.

So we stopped there although we had still 2 more to eat; because it is quite consistent!

I still do not know what were the two others (I left before we had time to finish the box), but my friends will take some pictures tomorrow and tell me what they’re like!

Have a nice mid-autumn festival!

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