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Thai dishes

31 Aug

So today, a small post about Thai dishes!

The most famous Thai speciality might be Pad Thai. It’s something I ate many times in Thailand, because we didn’t have much time to eat unfortunately and lacked a bunch of cool addresses near our hotel.

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Fly Cupcakes, Saigon

30 Aug

Another cupcakes post. I would quite appreciate to post more about French delicacies because even if cupcakes are really cute, it’s not the most amazing dessert you can have. Unfortunately, the only way I could get some good pastries in Vietnam is to go to a really posh hotel and pay 20$, or go to Nha Trang and eat a good waffle at Romy’s Italian Ice-cream, or to accommodate with average or not good pastries from Une journée à Paris (the French bakery in Saigon), or at the supermarket.
Anyway, Fly Cupcakes is the latest cupcake shop. When I first came to Saigon, it was not yet opened and it finally opened in spring (talking about Western spring).

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Warda, Saigon

29 Aug

This restaurant is one of the arabic food restaurants in Saigon.

I quite like the location of it, in a small alley starting in Mac Thi Buoi, where you can find many other restaurants that all look nice.

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Saigon Cooking Class at Hoa Tuc restaurant

28 Aug

So on July we were involved in a cooking class. I had already seen Hoa Tuc restaurant and knew they were offering cooking classes, and after having a look at the menu, I thought they had pretty originals healthy and brand new ideas.
Lucky us, we had a special reduction of 5$ on the price because it was summer time. So the class actually cost 35$ instead of 40. Hoa Tuc is located in an old colonial house which is really luminous and pretty and the classes are happening upstairs (you need to go on the right side of the restaurant to get there).

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Nana’s Crepes, Saigon

27 Aug

This is a small shop inside the MOF Sweets & Coffee in the Crescent Mall in District 7.

MOF is providing Japanese sweets and so there they also provide some “Japanese crepes”.

In Japan you can find a lot of shops like this one with some arty-looking crepes. It’s more chic than in France, but never forget we invented it.

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Recipe: Watermelon cold soup infused with Lady grey tea and Mint

27 Aug

So I decided to try to cook a few stuffs with the good fruits I can find here.

Watermelon is a really juicy fruit full of water, so I thought it would be easy to make soup with it.

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Temple Club, Saigon

26 Aug

Sorry for those of you who received an email with a new recipe but cannot find it on the blog, I am currently working on my future posts for when I’ll be travelling in Italy (this way you will still have something to read, and I will only have to click on “Publish”) and instead of clicking on “Save Draft” I just clicked on “Publish”. So this recipe will be kept secret until…September, 14th!
Anyway, in the meantime I have still many things to post (my agenda is full until October, 10th), so here is my review of a famous posh Vietnamese restaurant called Temple Club in Saigon.

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Hot and cold dish: Hot polenta with Asian seasoning tomato tartare

26 Aug

At home we bought some polenta. You may wonder why or how can we get some polenta in Vietnam? Easy; at the Annam Gourmet Market in Saigon. This shop is some kind of expat shop full of imported products that aren’t that expensive (I would say it is a bit more expensive than in Europe, but because they have many shops around Saigon, they might import in bigger quantities, so the transport cost is little).

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Le Tigre de Papier, Siem Reap

25 Aug

On our last lunch at Siem Reap, we were looking for a good restaurant to fulfill our desire for Cambodian food. The streets were all empty; it really felt like a Sunday morning.

Because we weren’t able to eat a barbecue the night before, we headed to Le Tigre de Papier, a Cambodian restaurant making Khmer barbecues.

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Wood Cafe, Bien Hoa

23 Aug

Another great café in Bien Hoa near Saigon.

The place looks like a place for parents and their children with many cuddly toys everywhere. All the decoration is made of wood (floors, walls, furniture) and everyone has to remove his shoes at the entrance.
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