Bò Lá Lốt & Nem Nướng

26 Sep

So today I will tell you more about two kinds of Vietnamese dishes: Bo La Lot and Nem Nuong.

Bo La Lot is a kind of minced beef covered by a vine leaf on a skewer grilled in the barbecue.






It is quite delicious. To eat it, you need to roll it like a fresh spring roll. I won’t repeat how to roll a spring roll because I already did, but you just need to take all the ingredients and roll them inside with the beef into a wet rice paper.

Then you just need to dip the roll and eat it!

Here you can see a friend of mine (Vietnamese!) who helped us rolling for our first time.

Nem nuong can be eaten the same way as the bo la lot. It’s also a minced meet (usually pork) on skewers and grilled in the barbecue.

So for those of you who are not familiar with Vietnamese dishes, nem nuong must not be mistaken for fried spring rolls (in France we call fried spring rolls: nem). There are two terms for fried spring rolls in Vietnam: Chả giò and Nem. The first term is used by Southern people, and the second one by Northern people. If you see nem nuong, it means you will have the skewers.

I got a trouble with that once at a touristic restaurant because in English, the menu said “Fried meat spring roll” so I thought it would be spring rolls, although in Vietnamese it was written “Nem Chiên” which means fried spring rolls, but because I was in the South, nem meant only minced meat on skewers, so I got a disgusting fat pork meat fried on a skewer.

Anyway, even after five months here I still get lost with the Northern/Southern words, so pay attention!

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