Mekong Sweets

17 Sep

A long long time ago, I did a one-day tour in the Mekong River. I had planned this post a few months ago now, but always had stuffs that went first.

So I booked the tour with Sinh Tourist and it ended up becoming a “local companies show”, where the only things we did were moving from company to company to see what were their specialties. At least we spent a lot of time in the boat!

Just to say, I advise you to book the trip with Kim Café (what one of my friends did), and she enjoyed way more the Mekong river (there was even a canoe trip), the only typical thing I did (well, the sweets in this post look also pretty local, but I didn’t book a trip to visit companies) was to visit the market in Can Tho, but it was a dirty market and we could see skinned rats ready to cook, snakes and awful and not appetizing stuffs like that. I was also surprised that she had such a different program because most of the time, tours in Vietnam are the same, no matter the company.

We saw how to make traditional rice paper (don’t really think that the one you buy at the supermarket was handmade by a Vietnamese woman).

There was also the making of puffed rice candies and rice biscuits.

Anyway, we were able to see how they made some coconut candy, which looked like caramel with a coconut taste. It was well done, and they offered many flavours like banana or durian. I am still wondering why, but when I tried this caramel, I thought about the ones of Jacques Genin (famous French chef) and I thought that he should definitely create one like that (made with coconut milk).

We had a honey tea with calamansi, and it was served with some dried fruits.

I bought some of the rice biscuits which are made with coconut water (they like to make bakeries (even bread) with coconut here) and sesame seeds. It was really nice, although there was a lot of it so I didn’t eat the whole pack.

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