Update and Super Sweet Blogger Award

26 Sep

This is a post I’ve made 10 days ago before going to Napoli, due to some issues with internet, I am now back in Paris after ten days in Italy and in Lyon. Here is my post:

So, I now have time to tell you a bit about where I am currently: in Paris.
I came back yesterday from Singapore and in approximately 30 minutes, I’ll be heading to my train station to go to the airport to take a plane for Napoli.

I have been nominated by Janinka for the Super Sweet Blogger Award, who I thank for that, and so I now need to answer a few questions and also nominate people.

There are three rules to follow:

-The nominees have to thank the person that nominated them.
-Answer the 5 Super Sweet Questions — See below
-Nominate a bakers dozen of other Super Sweet Bloggers and let them know.

Cookies or cake: cookies!

Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate obviously

What is your favourite sweet treat? The original Ispahan pastry from Pierre Hermé

When do you crave sweet things the most? when I am abroad and am not able (or don’t have enough money) to afford eating what I want. I am also always dreaming about food while working or studying.

If you had a sweet nickname what would it be? I used to have one while on Summer camp: Heloise de Cookies roux. Which seems quite weird, but Heloise is my name, and there is this cookies’ brand called Hello, so Heloise de Cookies and finally roux because I am red haired. Weird nickname right? We were 10 and pretty originals.

My 12 nominees are:
Gwen Nguyen
Ma vraie cuisine japonaise
Savoirs et saveurs
Délices d’orient
Hello saigon
Como come cami
Flavor boulevard
Tout à l’égo
Raid Pâtisseries
My Bites
Wandering girl

By the way, if you want to know what was the first thing I ate back home: tomatoes and buratta salad, followed by a poultry galantine (poultry filled in a special way, directly coming from the local butcher) and a mirabelle plum tart.

In the next few weeks, you will still have some posts about Vietnam, but also a few recipes, and my food diaries of Singapore, Italy and Lyon.

One Response to “Update and Super Sweet Blogger Award”

  1. janinka1 September 26, 2012 at 06:29 #

    The original Ispahan pastry from Pierre Hermé sounds very yummy! I must absolutely try it 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration!!

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