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29 Jun

Today I will tell you more about one of my obsessions: the Reese’s chocolates.
I discovered them when I was travelling in the USA and ever since then I am always missing them.
You can find some of them in Paris, but only in American grocery stores like Thanksgiving or the Epicerie Anglaise but it is way more expensive than in the USA.

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Fried zucchini flowers

27 Jun


Two weeks while I went on a trip to the Mekong, I saw a bunch of zucchini flowers (at the beginning I even thought it was another kind of flowers, because zucchini are not quite a local specialty here, and they are tasteless).

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Vietnamese snacks: exotic fruits

24 Jun

Today I will tell you more about the kind of fruits we can find in Vietnam.

Because of the low variations of temperature, I think that there is not a huge diversity of fruits compared to Europe. Of course, it is also because we import a lot.

You can find here pineapples, mangoes (fun story about the mangoes: Vietnamese people are used to eat them before they get ripe), apples, durians (which is a stinky yellow fruit and I hadn’t got the nerve to try out), some red fruits (strawberries in Da Lat mostly), dragon fruits, passion fruits, jack fruits, rambutans…

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French restaurant in Saigon: Au Parc

21 Jun


A few weeks ago we headed to Au Parc, a posh French restaurant in the District 1 of Saigon.

The food there is French with an Mediterranean touch. The restaurant is really pretty with filtered light and a decoration similar to a chic restaurant in Provence.

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Some news

20 Jun

I have to tell you two things today.
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Vietnamese snacks: candies

18 Jun

You have a large range of candies here. It can be local candies (in this case, be prepared to try anything!) or famous candies like Haribo.
Actually, Haribo candies are pretty expensive here, I guess that they are imported.
One worldwide known candy which is cheap here is Mentos.

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Carl Jr’s: fastfood in Saigon

15 Jun

I didn’t know this fast food brand before I came to Vietnam. I have been to the USA a few times, but I had never seen it (fell in love with U Burger in Boston).


So once I was exploring the Vincom Center and discovering all the restaurants it has and then I saw the menu of Carl Jr’s. I instantly knew it was a real American fastfood. Can you guess why ?

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My own Tra Da

12 Jun

Here is my first recipe !

Many others will come in October, I have even started a list to not forget anything, and I have at least 50 to offer!

I have also another recipe coming in the next weeks, something Italian and not well-known (I still can’t believe I found the main ingredient here because it is usually complicated to find in France and expensive).

So, last week I told you about what was the Tra Da ( This time, I tried to do my own, by putting some more taste.

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The Mekong Merchant, restaurant in Saigon

10 Jun

Last week we went to The Mekong Merchant, a restaurant in District 2, in Saigon.

The D2 is a posh district full of expats, and it was no surprise to see so many restaurants, one Chez Fanny, and even an organic food shop and a wine shop !

We headed to The Mekong Merchant which is belonging to the owner of The Deck, also in D2, but more expensive with a spot on the riverside.

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Vietnamese drinks: Tra Da

6 Jun

Here is a small post about the most famous local drink : Tra da.

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