Vietnamese drinks: Tra Da

6 Jun

Here is a small post about the most famous local drink : Tra da.

Tra, means tea, and Da, means ice.

Tra da (pronounce it: Cha Da), is an iced tea served in all the bars and restaurants in Vietnam. You sometimes get it for free while waiting for your drink or your meal. It is a bit like water in France. And if it is not free, then it is the cheapest drink you can buy ! The prices start at 5 000 dongs (0,20€) and it is refreshing.

Here at my canteen, they give it instead of water (see the above picture).

To do it, Vietnamese boil the water, put the leaves inside, and then add a lot of ice (this way you don’t have to wait one hour for your tea to get cold in your fridge). It is made with green tea, and always has a taste, however, you cannot really choose, it just depends on the bar or the restaurant.

I think (this is an hypothesis coming from my taste) that I tried one with a bit of Jasmine, but usually it is made with liquorice, and I even found a bit of vanilla !

Next time I’ll give you my first recipe: My own Tra Da !

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