Vietnamese snacks: candies

18 Jun

You have a large range of candies here. It can be local candies (in this case, be prepared to try anything!) or famous candies like Haribo.
Actually, Haribo candies are pretty expensive here, I guess that they are imported.
One worldwide known candy which is cheap here is Mentos.

I bought a pack of three for 20 000 dongs (less than 1€). It is also made for local taste, thus, the flavours are watermelon, strawberry, pineapple, grape (which reminds me of Fanta grape from Japan!) and orange.

Apparently is it sold exclusively in Vietnam!

Some fun candies I tried are fruit ones. The candy on the right has a strong mint taste and a chocolate heart (beuuuuh).
Anyway, it was fun trying (furthermore when you discover that the heart is chocolate!).

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