29 Jun

Today I will tell you more about one of my obsessions: the Reese’s chocolates.
I discovered them when I was travelling in the USA and ever since then I am always missing them.
You can find some of them in Paris, but only in American grocery stores like Thanksgiving or the Epicerie Anglaise but it is way more expensive than in the USA.

The classic is the pack of two cups as you can see below.
When I used to live in the UK, I could find them at Tesco (only in the big ones and always in a strange place inside the supermarket, at mine it was behind a column). During the first months I was always sneaking around looking for them because I had seen them on Tesco’s website and in some of their stores (I could be delivered Reese’s but I couldn’t find them in my local store).

I really got crazy the day when my roomates told me they had found some of them!

What’s funny is that there are many different sizes and variations.
In the UK you could find the classic, but also Reese’s pieces (which is actually like a small Smarties with peanut butter) or Reese’s Nutrageous (a candy bar). None of the last two excels the classic.

On the wikipedia page (, you can see that there are so many variations, it’s actually impossible to have tasted them all!
I’d like to try the Crunchy cookie cup, the dark chocolate, the Minis, the crunchy and maybe the Reese’s brownies and cookies (and obviously, the ice-cream). I also found that they have a limited edition for Christmas with Minis packed in a green paper and built in the shape of a Christmas tree.

One of my friend went to Canada and brought me back a pack of two Half Pound Cups (at first I wanted to ask him to bring me back the pie size one, but then I thought I wouldn’t be able to eat it all). Those half-pound cups weigh 250gr.

I also like the fact that Reese’s are not made with palm oil, as you may know, palm oil is cheap and gives a bad taste to chocolate. Thus, Europe has banned palm oil to protect the local chocolate.
However, I thought that Canadian reese’s were a bit more fattish than the Americans.

I saw online that you can find Reese’s at “L’s” shops in Hanoi, I’ll be there in one week so I’ll check it out !

You can also find them at the Epicerie Anglaise in Paris:

An at Thanksgiving:
20, rue Saint Paul
75004 Paris

I also found a fan page of Reese’s in France with people wanting Hershey’s to implement Reese’s in France:

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  1. marie tchussino September 10, 2013 at 14:14 #

    this american online grocery store sells reese’s in France

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