Vietnamese snacks: exotic fruits

24 Jun

Today I will tell you more about the kind of fruits we can find in Vietnam.

Because of the low variations of temperature, I think that there is not a huge diversity of fruits compared to Europe. Of course, it is also because we import a lot.

You can find here pineapples, mangoes (fun story about the mangoes: Vietnamese people are used to eat them before they get ripe), apples, durians (which is a stinky yellow fruit and I hadn’t got the nerve to try out), some red fruits (strawberries in Da Lat mostly), dragon fruits, passion fruits, jack fruits, rambutans…

This is a mangosteen. You only eat the white part inside. I am used to calling it the “dough fruit” (dough in the sense of the kids’ games), because it really looks like a fruit made for a cartoon. The taste is nice, it reminded me of mango or a really ripe cherry. It’s really juicy.


This is a jackfruit. It looks like a durian (inside and outside) but the durian stinks when the jackfruit doesn’t. This is the only way I have to differentiate the two.

The famous papaya (I find it a bit dry for my taste).

You often find pineapples this way in Vietnam, thus it is ready to eat.

A market’s stall


Rambutans look like lychees. Here there are many different rambutans (i think the only difference between them is the size and the colour of the spikes.It’s a bit difficult to eat (like mangosteen) because you have to open it and the fruit flesh is sticking to the kernel. The Vietnamese lychees are delicious. They are way more juicy (and they have more flesh too, which does not stick to the kernel) than the regular Chinese ones that you can find in Europe.

A dragon fruit has a funny appearance. The seeds inside are crunchy but it’s not disgusting to eat them contrarily to most fruits.

This one is one of my favourites. It is pretty hard to find actually but it is funny. Can you guess what it is?
It’s a cherry, which I often call “cherry tomato” because it really looks like a small tomato! You can also find Europeans cherry tomatoes here. Funny story about the cherry tomatoes; it was created by students in a Dutch university and because it was created inside the university in some kind of collaboration, most of the earnings go directly to the University and there might be a lot because you need to buy the licence to produce those fruits (yes, tomatoes are actually fruits)!

Last but not least, apples. There a are many apples in Vietnam but this one is also really funny because it looks like a pepper! I’ve seen those pink apples only once, usually they are red, which makes them look even more like peppers!

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