My own Tra Da

12 Jun

Here is my first recipe !

Many others will come in October, I have even started a list to not forget anything, and I have at least 50 to offer!

I have also another recipe coming in the next weeks, something Italian and not well-known (I still can’t believe I found the main ingredient here because it is usually complicated to find in France and expensive).

So, last week I told you about what was the Tra Da ( This time, I tried to do my own, by putting some more taste.

My idea was to make some Tra Da with Jasmine tea, because I prefer this one (I always prefer sweet tea instead of bitter ones).

At first, I put two tablespoons of sugar (my Jasmine tea is really bitter here!).

I then added the water and my tea bag.

I put it into the freezer to make it cold faster (we don’t have any ice cube tray, which is what Vietnamese usually use after putting some boiling water inside their glass).

I then decided to add some peach syrup, which makes my Tra Da closer to the European one.

I added three tablespoons.

I finally got my Tra Da! Remember to follow your own taste (I usually like my tea very sweet). And I should also apologize for the lack of clear tools of measure, I don’t have any measuring cup here (and some countries don’t use the same scales as French people).

Anyway, this is a good drink for summer! Hope you’ll enjoy it !

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