Some news

20 Jun

I have to tell you two things today.

Firstly, I booked yesterday a cooking class in a great Vietnamese restaurant in Saigon; Hoa Tuc.

I booked it for the end of July on a Saturday morning (the menu changes each day). I will learn to cook springrolls, a Vietnamese style salad, a chicken in a clay pot and a passion fruit custard.
I will obviously tell you more next month!

Then, I just learnt that Prêt à Manger, a British food shop, opened three stores in Paris! One in January, one in March and one just a few days/weeks ago.
Prêt à Manger has pretty good stuffs to eat, nice sandwiches, miso soups… they sometimes have their “Ham, bacon and cheese croissant” or their “mozzarella and tomato croissant” (which I believe is not sold in France unfortunately…). This “croissant” is actually just a puff pastry with a bit of tomato, ham and cheese. They keep it hot, thus the cheese is melty… mmmh.

I don’t know why, they prefered to put some croissant, pain au chocolat and pain au raisin in their menu instead. We have good bakeries everywhere in France, we do not need a British brand to try to sell it too. It’s pointless. Furthermore, those salty “croissant” really give you the feeling of eating something brand new and something not French. There are many French food shops in Paris, a British one with British food would be more than welcome.
Anyway, they kept most of their sandwickes and cakes. I noticed they kept the lemon cake which is delicious (even though it is a bit expensive for its size).

I’ll let you discover the rest of their menu by yourself:

You can find them:

-At La Défense,
Centre Commercial les Quatre Temps, Le Dôme, niveau 3 ,
92092 Puteaux (RER La Défense)

-19 rue Marbeuf, 75008 Paris

-110 Avenue de France, 75013 Paris

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