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Pear Crumble

28 Nov


One of my favourites desserts on earth. It is so quick to cook and quite delicious (and you obviously feel really fine because it is made with fruits). During summer, I usually do it with apricots, but for winter, I use fresh pears.



-4-5 pears (at least 500gr)

-100gr of butter

-100gr of flour

-100 gr of sugar




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Chestnuts soup

26 Nov

Meatless Monday! This is a quick autumn recipe with chestnuts, coconut milk and spices.


500gr of cooked chestnuts
50cl of coconut milk
A handful of nuts


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I tried : the Risotto box hicken and mushrooms by Riso Gallo

25 Nov


When I first went shopping for groceries as I came back from Asia, I found this “risotto box”. I do not remember having seen this kind of stuffs in the UK for instance, but what we call “box” in France, are just a kind of ready-to-eat pack for lunch that you just have to put in the microwave.
The usual boxes are filled in with pasta. Riso Gallo, as you know it, is a brand that sells rice for risotto and ready-to-cook risotti.





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Involtini di mortadella e ricotta

23 Nov

Today, a quick recipe for a starter or an appetizer. An involtino is a kind of roll in Italian. I love this recipe because I simply love ricotta and it is always very surprising for people who don’t know this kind of recipe and the ingredients.


100gr of ricotta
10 olives
A teaspoon of olive oil
Chopped basil
5 slices (very very thin, for that, ask the number of grams instead of the number of slices (I asked 100gr))

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Gyoza Bar, Paris

21 Nov

Surprisingly, since I came home from Vietnam, I am more craving for Japanese food than Italian food (although Italian food has always been a part of my random diet). When I was living in Vietnam, we had two places where we could eat pizza and pasta, but even if it was different from what we were used to eat (so I was really happy to eat it), I felt it was not perfectly done. On the other hand, we had a Japanese restaurant, and I was always so happy to go there..! I could eat some good Japanese food (which is not limited to sushi and sashimi), udon, tempura, soba… I felt home actually!
So even if I know I am soon going to live in Japan, I must say I can not really feel satiated of this food.




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Some news: Japan

19 Nov

Today, I have to announce to you that I am officially going to study in Japan for a term!

I have been accepted in a Japanese University near Osaka as an exchange student (don’t be afraid for me, all the modules are taught in English, except the Japanese language ones).

This has always been my dream to stay a while in Japan (I’ve been dreaming about it since I visited the country when I was 11), so I’m really excited. I’ll be there between the end of January and the beginning of June, and I’ll obviously tell you everything about what I eat, what I buy, what I cook and where I go.

Until then, I’ll keep posting about Paris and everything I have eaten since I came back from my short holidays.

Chocolate mousse cake

18 Nov

I am going to give you today a great recipe of a wonderful chocolate cake which is, at the same time soft like a chocolate mousse and crunchy on top.


– 100 gr of butter
– 100gr of dark chocolate
– 3 eggs
– 20gr of flour
– 80gr of sugar

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Labeyrie frozen macaroons

15 Nov

In September, I tried the frozen macaroons from Labeyrie. I chose the one with a raspberry ice-cream inside (there are two others with chocolate or vanilla).

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Lemony afternoon snack

13 Nov

Today, just a small post about my afternoon snack! I just discovered that, next to one of the main locations of my university, there is the bakery and the restaurant of a famous French chef; Cyril Lignac (mostly famous because of his numerous TV appearances). So I went to La Pâtisserie by Cyril Lignac, and I bought my lunch (which consisted of a Pan Bagnat with olives and a Kouign Aman, both delicious), and I also bought a Lemon tart which looked amazing.

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Eataly, Torino

11 Nov

In Torino, I also went to Eataly, the biggest Slow Food Supermarket ever.
There are several Eataly supermarkets in Italy, but there’s also one in New York and many in Japan (dear God, I found at there was one in Osaka… which is near the place where I will probably live from February…). It is said that in NYC, one glass if Italian wine is extremely expensive there. Well, I’m not surprised after having seen the prices in Torino.

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