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In my cupboard (part 2)

26 Apr

Today, I will finish those two posts with the key food I always have in my cupboard:

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À propos de ce blog / About this blog

25 Apr

Passionate about food and travel, I’ve decided to write a blog about my worldwide food culture, process food, fashionable food and restaurants, and last but not least, easy recipes.

Je suis française, mais j’ai habité pendant 5 mois en Angleterre comme une étudiante en échange, puis j’ai vécu au Vietnam pour un stage pendant 5 mois et enfin au Japon, près de Osaka, où j’étais en échange pendant 4 mois. J’ai aussi des origines italiennes (mes deux parents étaient italiens), donc je vais parler régulièrement de cuisine anglaise, française, italienne, vietnamienne et japonaise ! J’espère que cela va vous plaire !


I am French, but I used to live in the UK for 5 months as an exchange student, in Vietnam for an internship for more than 5 months and finally in Japan for 4 months as an exchange student. I also happen to have Italian roots (both of my parents used to be Italian), so I will regularly speak about British, French, Italian Vietnamese and Japanese food!
Hope this will please you !

In my cupboard (part 1)

25 Apr

For my first article, I’ve decided to tell you about my cupboard’s essentials.

Today, I will speak about spices and seasoning ingredients.

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