French restaurant in Saigon: Au Parc

21 Jun


A few weeks ago we headed to Au Parc, a posh French restaurant in the District 1 of Saigon.

The food there is French with an Mediterranean touch. The restaurant is really pretty with filtered light and a decoration similar to a chic restaurant in Provence.









The prices are actually not much higher than those of Le Jardin but it does not look like a bistro.

I also like the street where the restaurant is located, Han Thuyen. It is in front of a body of grass and there are many beautiful houses around (also the first Haagen Dasz shop in Saigon which has not opened yet).

We all took a fresh juice to start. 4 of us took a simple lime juice (which was actually a real lime juice, not like what you can usually get in Vietnam but I’ll come back to the drinks in Vietnam in another post).



One of us took a strawberry and watermelon juice which seemed good.



I took the Cheap & Chic Dinner Menu. You have the choice between taking two courses for 190 000 dongs (about 7€) or three for 230 000 (less than 9€). I was starving and craving for good food so I chose the three courses one.

I started with spinach ravioli with a creamy parmesan sauce.



It was good. I would say that the only thing that I didn’t fully appreciate was the spinach inside. I am used to home made ravioli, so I can tell that the pasta dough was properly cooked but in Italy we usually mince the spinach before putting it inside the ravioli.



I then ate a Seabass with a fennel confit and a couscous with peas. The fish and the couscous were also cooked perfectly. The fennel confit was more like a fennel cooked with tomatoes, it wasn’t really a confit, although this term tends to be used for too much things nowadays.
It was nice eating couscous for once.



3 of my friends had chicken kebabs with chips. I still don’t get why they all took that when they could have taken a “real” course, but apparently it was nice. I wouldn’t have taken this (for me it looks more like a friendly street barbecue food than a posh restaurant) but I must admit that the pita bread with tzatziki gave it more consistency. It costs 150 000 dongs (about 5€).


My last friend took a pork filet mignon with a mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes and a vegetables’ ballottin for 140 000 dongs (about 5€).


Last but not least, I had my French toast with a vanilla ice-cream and a passion fruit puree. It was my only disappointment of the evening. They left the crust on the bread (never leave the crust when you cook a pain perdu!), the bread was dry (it think they did not put enough cream in the pain perdu marinade).
The ice-cream was really god, but I’m not fond of vanilla ice-cream. And the passion fruit puree, well, you just need to look at my picture to understand what’s the matter. It’s not a puree, it’s only a coulis (grout). I would have liked very much a real passion fruit puree.

The desserts in the normal menu seemed delicious and more to my taste than the two others in the Cheap & Chic menu.


Here is the bill!

Mark: 4.5/5

(Am I really going to put always the same marks?)

I really loved the place, the food, the prices, the fact they deliver and and also the fact we can take away stuffs like their olive gressini (which are delicious!).
Like I said, the only trouble with this dinner was my French toast, but I’ll definitely come back.

Au Parc:

23, Han Thuyen street
District 1, Saigon

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