Prêt A Manger , Paris

22 Dec


I wanted to try Pret A Manger which has settled in Paris last year. I was not that used to it while I was living in the UK, because I was staying on a campus, and the only coffee shop we had was Costa Cafe.

However, there are a lot that I appreciate at Pret A Manger, as I said earlier in this post:

But the only thing which I really like there and that has been kept for the French shops, is the lemon cake.


We had a kind of tea time with my mother after taking a few Harcourt pictures at their photo machine inside the MK2 Bibliothèque. The tea is good, and it is one of the few places in Paris where you can have tea to take away.

And the Lemon cake is delicious, a bit too expensive though (I don’t remember the price). It is moist, a bit acid and crunchy.
I saw that they are selling mince pies for Christmas, if you wanna have a taste of British Christmas food!


Pret A Manger:
You can find their addresses on their website:

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