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Nouveaux snacks japonais / New Japanese snacks

7 Jan


Voici les biscuits au chocolat Horn de Meiji. Un packaging assez « chic » avec toujours des emballages individuels pour chaque biscuit.


Here are the Horn chocolate biscuits from Meiji. A very “chic” packaging with, as always, individual pouches for each biscuit.


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Tokyo Macaron Yaki

15 Dec

salon choco 2

Aujourd’hui je vous parle d’un gâteau que j’ai pu tester chez Sadaharu Aoki au Salon du Chocolat : le Tokyo macaron yaki.

Today, I’m writing about one cake I have tried from Sadaharu Aoki at the Chocolate Salon: Tokyo macaron yaki.

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Chiffon cake, Aki

24 Nov


Aujourd’hui je vous parle du Chiffon cake au matcha de la boulangerie franco-japonaise Aki.

Today I’m talking about the matcha Chiffon cake from Aki, the French/Japanese bakery.

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Family Mart Matcha Cookies

20 Jul


Voici un paquet de gâteaux que j’ai trouvé dans le konbini Family Mart : des cookies au matcha.


Here is a pack of biscuits that I found at the konbini Family Mart: matcha cookies.

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Daifuku à la chantilly au matcha et à l’orange / Matcha whipped cream and orange daifuku

21 May


Aujourd’hui, ma recette de Daifuku (pâtisserie japonaise faite à partir de farine de riz et normalement fourrée à la pâte de haricot rouge) à la chantilly au matcha et à l’orange.


Today, my recipe of a Daifuku (Japanese pastry made with rice flour and generally stuffed with red bean paste) stuffed with matcha whipped cream and orange.

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Mug cake au chocolat avec caramel et chantilly au matcha / Chocolate mug cake with matcha caramel and whipped cream

4 May


Aujourd’hui, vous avez le droit à un post supplémentaire, car demain c’est mon anniversaire! Qui dit anniversaire, dit gâteau (surtout pour moi). Mais comme demain c’est Kodomo no hi au Japon, c’est-à-dire Children’s day, je posterai sur ce sujet et donc mon anniversaire se doit d’être relégué au 4 mai (ça fait d’ailleurs 10 ans que je rêve de fêter le children’s day (même si normalement c’est réservé aux garçons)).


Today, you are allowed to get a bonus post because tomorrow is my birthday! It thus means cake (at least to me). But because tomorrow is also kodomo no hi in Japan, that is to say, Children’s day, I will post about that and so my birthday must be relegated to May, 4th (it is also because I have been dreaming for the last 10 years to celebrate this day, although it is usually made for boys).

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Chocolats japonais / Japanese chocolates

14 Feb


Aujourd’hui, un petit aperçu des sortes de chocolats sympas qu’on peut trouver ici.


Today, a few pictures of the kind of nice chocolates you can find here.


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Japanese snacks from Aki Boulanger, Paris

17 Dec


I went to try the Japanese/French pastry in the Japanese area of Paris.

It is called Aki, and it is a very nice place which looks very French, and you can find lunch boxes (bento), sandwiches, cakes, onigiri, drinks…

I like the fact that there is a mix between French and Japanese food. For instance you can find random pastries with matcha. You can buy sandwiches the Japanese way.

It is very interesting and makes me wanna buy everything!

So I bought a small loaf of bread called Miso bread. It was actually close to a brioche with a very crusty crust. On top of the crust, you can see a small brown layer as a Z shape. I think it is the Miso. They offer diverse types of this bread with other ingredients.



I also bought a Mille Feuilles with matcha inside, it was very good too! The puff pastry was very crunchy, and the cream inside was balanced enough.


Aki Boulanger (Aki is also a restaurant in the same street):

16, rue Sainte-Anne

75001 Paris

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