Season + shake Chicken Tikka Massala, by Colman’s

8 Dec


I have tried the pack Season + shake from Colman’s which I had bought in England before going back to France.
I thought this pack was so English: an English brand offering an Indian meal. In France, we used to have an advert about roasted chicken made with this kind of pack, but I recently discovered that there is a pack for making chicken the Indian way, so I bought it too so I can compare both packs.

For those of you who have never seen this, it just consists of a plastic bag and spices united inside a pack which can help you cooking a meat perfectly. In this case, it was supposed to help me making a tikka massala chicken.




For this, you need to add; 450gr of chicken, 1 onion, 200gr of fresh diced tomatoes, 1 yogurt and 125ml of water.


What’s convenient is that you just need to preheat the oven at 200°C (6-7th), add all the ingredients with the spices, close the bag with a small piece of plastic that was given, mix well, and flatten the bag in a pan that can go inside an oven.


So what was the final result? It was quite good actually, the chicken was not exceptional, but it was tasty and not spicy at all. It did not look like the tikka massala I could buy at the local Indian restaurant, but it was nice anyway!


It costs 0.74£ on Tesco’s website, so it is not too expensive.

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