Tarte Infiniment Vanille and Croissant Ispahan at Pierre Hermé

20 Dec


I tried a few pastries from the famous pastry shop: Pierre Hermé. My favourite pastry is Ispahan, and because it was invented by Pierre Hermé himself, well, I usually buy this one. At first, I wanted to buy the Lemon Surprise (it changes every month, and for December, it is now the Celebrations’ Surprise : http://www.pierreherme.com/surprise-des-f-tes.html). However, a girl bought the last one before I could ask for it… So I bought instead a Infiniment Vanille Tart and a Croissant Ispahan.




The tart is made with a shortcrust pastry, a tender biscuit moistened with vanilla, a white chocolate ganache with vanilla and vanilla-flavoured mascarpone cream. It was very good, but I did not feel the tender biscuit while eating (I did not even notice there was one!). It costs 6,9€.


For the croissant, as I told you a few months ago, I hate croissant that are filled in with something else than butter. To me, a croissant, when it is not a “Croissant Nature” or a “Croissant au Beurre”, is not a real one. But, many people told me that the Pierre Hermé’s croissant ispahan was delicious, and because the Ispahan is my favourite pastry, I thought I could try.


On top, there are some dried raspberries, and a rosewater glaze. Inside, there is an almond and rose dough with a raspberry and litchi compote. It costs 1,8€.


Well, I hated it. The puffpastry of the croissant was dry and not dimpled and buttery enough. The stuffing was not really as tasty as the cream inside the original pastry, and it was too heavy. The only thing I actually liked was the rosewater glaze. Although, I did not feel the rose at all, but only sugar (as if it was a sugar syrup, or a sugar glaze). It felt with the puffpastry as if it was caramelised, so it was good together.

Pierre Hermé:


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