Blend, Paris

12 Dec


I wanted to try one of the new burger restaurants that have opened in Paris while I was away. Blend attracted me because the meat comes from a famous Parisian butcher: Yves-Marie Le Bourdonnec.

So we arrived quite late at Blend, it was 9:30pm, but there was a huge queue outside. Unfortunately, the place is small (there are about 8 tables), and I think that there aren’t any bookings available…



So we waited a long time outside, at least 40 minutes. The owner had to ask people to leave to let everyone outside come in (and there was a group of people that were clearly rude and ordered a dessert when the owner came to ask them to leave). I was a bit disappointed that they did not offer something to wait, like a basket of chips for all the group outside.


So, I ordered a Cheesy. It was delicious! The meat was good, and all the flavours very balanced. Each burger costs 10€.


One of my friends ordered a Sun which is made with chicken, she was a bit disappointed though.

I was there with three friends, so we ordered four baskets of chips, two of potato chips and two of sweet potatoes chips. But even if it was a good idea to offer sweet potato chips, the chips were too dry and salty. The random chips costs 3€, and the sweet potato chips costs 5€.


Mark: 3/5

I am quite balanced about Blend. The burger was amazing, but the chips weren’t. The service was nice, but very busy and forgot a lot of what we wanted (a beer for one of us). There weren’t any more desserts when we ate. And there was a curious thing: the waiters had to take water from the toilets’ room. At first, I thought they were filling the empty bottle with tap water, but then I guessed that they were just storing the bottles there.



44, rue d’Argout,

75002 Paris


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