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Nouveaux snacks japonais / New Japanese snacks

7 Jan


Voici les biscuits au chocolat Horn de Meiji. Un packaging assez « chic » avec toujours des emballages individuels pour chaque biscuit.


Here are the Horn chocolate biscuits from Meiji. A very “chic” packaging with, as always, individual pouches for each biscuit.


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Mitsu Kinako Chocolate, Meiji

9 Jun


Je reviens à mes “classiques” snacks japonais à partir d’aujourd’hui, car j’ai la chance d’avoir beaucoup d’amies japonaises qui me rapportent des snacks, confiseries et chocolat !
Donc aujourd’hui, c’est d’un chocolat goût kinako (poudre de soja grillé utilisé en pâtisserie pour enrober) fourré au kuromitsu (un sirop de sucre noir (similaire au sucre de canne, mais appelé “noir” au Japon) utilisé en nappage dans la pâtisserie japonaise) de la marque Meiji.

I’m coming back with many new Japanese snacks starting from today, since I’m very lucky to have a lot of Japanese friends who often bring me snacks, sweets and chocolates from Japan!

So today, it is with a chocolate tasting like kinako (a grilled soya powder used as a coating) and stuffed with kuromitsu (a black sugar (similar to brown sugar, but named black in Japan) sirup also used as a coating in Japanese pastries) from the brand Meiji.

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Snacks in Italy

3 Nov

Today, a small post about some snacks I ate while I was in Italy last month. Here, there is the new McFlurry Gianduia and Waffer. I had to try it. Gianduia is the best chocolate in Europe, it is from my region in Italy (Piemonte), it is made of chocolate and nuts (indeed, like Nutella).

So after tasting it, I thought that it was not an industrial syrup, but real chocolate that had been melted before. There were those pieces of “waffer”, some kind of biscuit that looks like a waffle.



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Vietnamese snacks: Passion fruit jelly and mousse

6 May

I may need to add a few different posts like this one as time goes by, because it is obvious that I do not already know every single Viet snack.

Passion fruit mousse and jelly: here is what I found last week in the supermarket.

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