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Salade de carottes, yuzu et basilic / Carrots, yuzu and basil salad

16 May


Aujourd’hui, une petite recette fraîche et facile à faire! Une salade de carottes au yuzu et basilic!


Today, a small, fresh and easy to make recipe! A carrots, yuzu and basil salad!

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Tarragon and nuts pesto

22 Oct



Today, a new recipe!

When I went to my grandmother’s house, she gave me some fresh nuts from the garden. So I decided to make a pesto of it.





– A handful of nuts
– A handful of tarragon leaves
– A handful of basil
– Parmesan
– Olive oil
– Balsamic vinegar (in case the pesto is too bitter)
– One zucchini

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