Angelina at Versailles

3 Dec


Today I will tell you about the Angelina restaurant at Versailles’ castle. For those of you who haven’t heard about Angelina, it is a famous Parisian pastry-shop which is located on Rue de Rivoli near the Concorde square. They are very famous for their Mont-blanc (which is a pastry in this case). They also have locations in Tokyo and Lyon.
I spent the day at Versailles visiting the Joana Vasconcelos’ exhbition there and had a private tour in the private apartments of Louis XV and Louis XVI (followed by a tour of the Opera). By the way, this tour was inside private parts of the castle that are closed to the public, and I warmly recommend it! I learned a lot!

Anyway, between the exhibit and the private tour, we had to eat obviously, so we thought we could try the Angelina restaurant.


The place is really nice, and as you can see, we had a nice view on the castle from the nearer window! Th restaurant is inside the castle itself, so you’re basically having lunch where people used to live.



My mother ordered a Cesar salad (not really French, right?), and I ordered a Croque-Monsieur. The salad costs 22€ and my croque-monsieur 15€. So it is a it expensive for what’s inside, but I guess you pay for the place…



The thing is, that even if the service was ok, we felt we could have eaten the same quality of meals in many places in Paris. There was disappointment because, it was nice, but not exceptionnal, and for the price, the name (Angelina), and the place, you would expect something more.. original.


I then ordered a pastry, because I was still feeling hungry, and because I was at Angelina’s. It is called a Charlotte façon Angelina. I completely forgot to take a picture of the inside of the pastry though. The cake on the sides is a cuiller biscuit (so it is soft like a sponge cake), and between its two pieces there was a strawberry mousse, a strawberry confit and diced fresh strawberries.


You can find their whole menu as a pdf on this link:

P1110917Here is the bill!

Mark: 3/5

Quite expensive for two people. The pastry was really expensive (8,2€ instead of 6-7€ for the most expensive pastries of Paris).

I am sorry, but I do not recommend going there… There are many restaurants around and inside the castle as you can see here: (not all of them are quoted on this link though). There is also Ladurée there.


226, rue de Rivoli

75001 Paris

(or if you want to try one in Versailles (I think they have two locations inside the castle), follow your map!)


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