I tried : the Risotto box hicken and mushrooms by Riso Gallo

25 Nov


When I first went shopping for groceries as I came back from Asia, I found this “risotto box”. I do not remember having seen this kind of stuffs in the UK for instance, but what we call “box” in France, are just a kind of ready-to-eat pack for lunch that you just have to put in the microwave.
The usual boxes are filled in with pasta. Riso Gallo, as you know it, is a brand that sells rice for risotto and ready-to-cook risotti.





The idea with this box is that you would need only 1,5 minutes to have a risotto. Well, with my experience with risotto I was quite doubtful. As you can see above, the rice is not cooked at all. So I basically decided to cook it myself in a pan like a real risotto. There wasn’t any broth inside, just rice and a kind of cream with mushrooms.

I also checked the ingredients, which are nearly normal: there many chemicals with the chicken (stabilizer), and there are some flavourings too.


It took me 18 minutes (which is the random cooking time for a self-made risotto) to get a cooked rice, you can see above the result. In the ingredients’ list, it is written that the rice is pre-cooked, and after my 1,5min inside the microwave oven, I don’t understand how could it take 18min more to cook it.

Regarding the taste, it was nice, felt a bit less natural than the read-to-cook risotti that the brand offers, but it was fine.

I wish it would do a good risotto though.

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