Gyoza Bar, Paris

21 Nov

Surprisingly, since I came home from Vietnam, I am more craving for Japanese food than Italian food (although Italian food has always been a part of my random diet). When I was living in Vietnam, we had two places where we could eat pizza and pasta, but even if it was different from what we were used to eat (so I was really happy to eat it), I felt it was not perfectly done. On the other hand, we had a Japanese restaurant, and I was always so happy to go there..! I could eat some good Japanese food (which is not limited to sushi and sashimi), udon, tempura, soba… I felt home actually!
So even if I know I am soon going to live in Japan, I must say I can not really feel satiated of this food.




Thus, one of the first places I wanted to try in Paris, was the Gyoza bar, a small place hold by Japanese people, where you have to eat quickly a few gyoza.

The menu is quite simple: 8 gyoza for 6€ or 12 for 8€. It is served with a kind of bean sprouts salad.

Here are the two cooks! They cook everything in front of you, you can even see the fresh gyoza ready to be fried.

Here is the salad I got. I liked the taste, but the sauce seemed a bit too fat though. I ordered an iced green tea with it.

My gyozas were perfectly cooked. I am sorry, I completely forgot to take a photo of the inside, but it was good. A bit different from the ones I was used to. They are all made with pork I believe, and I read that the owners choose a very specific kind of pork of high quality.


Here is the bill!

Mark : 4/5

22€ for two people (2 gyoza, 1 rice and 1 tea). Really cheap and good. I would have loved a dessert though (some good mochi for instance…). There were a lot of Japanese people eating inside (and big queue outside too), so it is a good sign! The restaurant is located in a small alley, there are many of them in the area, and it is quite fun to walk in there (quite Parisian too).


Gyoza Bar:

56, passage des panoramas

75002 Paris


3 Responses to “Gyoza Bar, Paris”

  1. Emeline November 21, 2012 at 22:14 #

    Thanks for the adress!

    • eatingmodern November 22, 2012 at 15:54 #

      Mais de rien! Joli blog d’ailleurs (quel thème utilises-tu?)!


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