Chocolate mousse cake

18 Nov

I am going to give you today a great recipe of a wonderful chocolate cake which is, at the same time soft like a chocolate mousse and crunchy on top.


– 100 gr of butter
– 100gr of dark chocolate
– 3 eggs
– 20gr of flour
– 80gr of sugar

Firstly, you need to melt the butter and the chocolate. When they are both liquid, mix them with the egg yolks (only the yolks, not the white part).

Then, you need to mix the rest of the eggs until you make them really thick. After it’s done, preheat the oven at th 4/5 or 120-150°C (250-300F).

Finally, you have to mix them slowly with the first preparation.

Once it is all mixed, put it inside a pan and on the oven for one hour (check carefully the cooking).

Unfortunately, I failed mine because I had a degree oven and the recipe gave only the thermostats (and I had not any Internet). So it is a bit overcooked inside, but the crust was still crusty. Inside, if it’s well done, it must make you think about a slightly cooked chocolate mouse, it is delicious.

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