Lemony afternoon snack

13 Nov

Today, just a small post about my afternoon snack! I just discovered that, next to one of the main locations of my university, there is the bakery and the restaurant of a famous French chef; Cyril Lignac (mostly famous because of his numerous TV appearances). So I went to La Pâtisserie by Cyril Lignac, and I bought my lunch (which consisted of a Pan Bagnat with olives and a Kouign Aman, both delicious), and I also bought a Lemon tart which looked amazing.

Just for the record, the bakery has a few sandwiches, salads and soups for lunch, but it wasn’t really creative and appealing.

Anyway, here is the lemon tart. It is made of a thick crumbly dough, a lemon cream, a few flat meringues (the white spots), a few white chocolates (the orange spots) and between the peaks of lemon cream, there was a kind of acid lemon curd. It was really nice, although I thought that the lemon cream tasted a bit too milky.

It was perfect with a Lady Grey tea!

La pâtisserie by Cyril Lignac:

24, rue Paul Bert
75011 Paris


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