Eataly, Torino

11 Nov

In Torino, I also went to Eataly, the biggest Slow Food Supermarket ever.
There are several Eataly supermarkets in Italy, but there’s also one in New York and many in Japan (dear God, I found at there was one in Osaka… which is near the place where I will probably live from February…). It is said that in NYC, one glass if Italian wine is extremely expensive there. Well, I’m not surprised after having seen the prices in Torino.


The place is beautiful (have you seen this blue sky?). Eataly is located into the Lingotto area of Torino, it is a bit outside of the city centre, but there are a lot of things to do there, such as the Fiat museum of the Agnelli foundation to see some contemporary and mdoern art exhibits.

It is arranged by kind of products: bread, fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, pizza and pasta…

The place is in itself a kind of a dream, you want to eat everything, although your wallet seems to cry when you see some prices.


With my cousin, we wanted to have a lunch there (but it was too early so it wasn’t opened yet), lunches seem to cost about 10 to 14€, so it is affordable. Once again, is it sorted by the type of products, so you will find pizza and pasta to eat at the same place you can buy them, and there is even a stall to eat vegetables only.

The bakery was opened, so we bought some stuffs to eat outside of the supermarket.


Look at those beautiful sandwiches and focaccie!


My cousin had a salted croissant.

I had a big sandwich with a delicious bread (the kind of bread you can find in a good bakery in France) with stracchino and ham.

I also bought a big focaccia.

And from the supermarket in itself, I bought a gianduia chocolate bar (because the gianduiotti cost 8€ per 100gr….), a small jar of classy Nutella (a spread of chocolate and hazelnuts) and a small recipe book for pasta.

There are many recipe books there, but it was too heavy for me to bring them back home…



Via Nizza 230/14


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