Antica Pasticceria, Napoli

7 Nov


Today, a post about a delicious bakery in Naples; Antica Pasticceria. It is close to the train station, in Corso Novara (just at the beginning of the street).
My friends brought me there when we arrived in Naples, just to have a kind of breakfast. They all had a coffee over the counter, which is typical in Italy.




Look at all those fresh pastries…! It’s making me dreaming (but don’t be sad for me, while I was buying my bread tonight, I also bought a raspberry macaroon with fresh raspberries!).


There was a pastry chef making sfogliate, a pastry from Naples, made with puff pastry and filled in with a cream with orange zest.


One other Naples pastry is the Baba. We had numerous debates with my ex-roomate about it, I was saying Baba are French, she was saying it is Italian, and we then discovered that it is Polish! But the rum baba is French though! The Naples one is with limoncello (a lemon alcohol). So below, on the right-hand side, is the Naples’ baba, it has this mushroom shape which is quite funny.



Another Italian pastry from the south; the canolo siciliano. It is a crunchy pastry filled with a ricotta cream. This one is my favourite.


I also bought this crunchy biscuit with chocolate, it was nice.


Here is the sfogliata once cooked. You need to eat it fresh, after a day, it becomes less crispy. And it is also better when it is just cool from the oven. I am not a fan of the cream with orange zests, but the puff pastry is so delicious… and you can sometimes find some with chocolate or Nutella!



Here is the bill! It is affordable; 4€. You need to ask first at the cashier and pay before ordering the pastries by the way.

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  1. Valentina November 7, 2012 at 22:56 #

    Nice and Delicious comment but it is too sad to read “my ex-roomate” 😦

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