Focacceria tipica Ligure, Torino

5 Nov


Today, I’m going to give you the location of a great place for eating focaccie in Torino.
My first request when I arrived there was to find good focaccia, so my cousin brought me to this chain called Focacceria tipica ligure. It means that it is a place which makes only focaccia (a delicious Italian bread) the Ligurian way.




They offer a large choice of focaccie, but they do not show the prices, which is quite bad. Usually, I am the kind of those who prefer focaccia in their natural way: only the bread (which is then thicker), olive oil and salt. But then, I am always very demanding regarding the natural focaccia, and the natural one there did not look good enough to me (too dry maybe).

However, some of the other focaccie looked pretty yummy.

I tried the one with mozzarella and pancetta, it was delicious! If you don’t like anything too fat, do not take it, but for me, mozzarella, olive oil and cured meats make the perfect fat snack.

I also tried the one with mozzarella and cherry tomatoes, nice too, but not as amazing as the pancetta one.

My cousin chose one with stracchino, a fresh cheese, it was nice, but once again, not as crazy as the pancetta.
According to him, not all of the shops of this chain offer the same quality and prices, the one we went to, on Via San Agostino, 6 (6, San Agostino street) was quite pricy (I think we paid 9€ for three pieces, which is expensive), but he said the quality was the best.

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