Nearly vegetarian burger with chickpeas, tuna and avocado

5 Nov

A special Meatless Monday (to make up with my past posts with a bit of meat….) with a veggie burger today!
Quite inspired by the one of a friend (who wanted to impress me by proving to me he could eat without meat).

So, for this recipe I need:

– 200gr of cooked chickpeas
– A half avocado
– A half tomato
– Some turmeric
– Some coriander
– A few tablespoons of cream cheese
– 20gr of tuna
– 2 burger breads

I firstly mixed the chickpeas with turmeric and coriander. I then added the cream cheese. You also need to put the bread inside your toaster or the oven, to make it hot, crunchy but soft at the same time.

Once mixed, I added the tuna. I finally made two “steaks” and gently fried them.



While it was cooking, I chopped the avocado and mashed it until I could spread it on the sides of my breads.


I also added the sliced tomato and a lettuce leaf.

So here is my burger! There was some dough remaining, so I mixed it with meat to make meatballs. It was good too!

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