Snacks in Italy

3 Nov

Today, a small post about some snacks I ate while I was in Italy last month. Here, there is the new McFlurry Gianduia and Waffer. I had to try it. Gianduia is the best chocolate in Europe, it is from my region in Italy (Piemonte), it is made of chocolate and nuts (indeed, like Nutella).

So after tasting it, I thought that it was not an industrial syrup, but real chocolate that had been melted before. There were those pieces of “waffer”, some kind of biscuit that looks like a waffle.



At McDonald’s Italy, they also offer a small burger called “Il Focaccino”, made with a focaccia bread.  You can find other products like “Il Mac” (in France it is “le M”)  with parmesan and you can also buy for 5€ 250 gr of parmesan that was damaged by the earthquake. I read an interesting article about a Dutch company which has bought a lot of this parmesan and sells it online, apparently, it cannot be called “parmigiano reggiano dop” because of what happened, but it still has the same qualities!

In Naples, I found those Pan di stelle biscuits with some vanilla ice-cream in between. Pan di Stelle is a brand of biscuits from Mulino Bianco (which belongs to Barilla) it is delicious! It used to be my breakfast when I was staying in Italy.

I was also fascinated by what they sell inside the vending machines. Inside, I also discovered that the sandwiches sold were quite Italian: fresh cheese (stracchino), mushrooms, cured meats, mozzarella, piadine (Italian bread), focaccia…

There was the regular range of Kinder products, which are always so particular and diverse in Italy.

Twinings launched an iced-tea (with green tea or peach), but believe me, the iced green tea is ten miles away from a regular Japanese iced-tea! There is only 0.5% of tea inside the bottle, but Italians like it this way.

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