Food innovations from the supermarket

31 Oct


Just a small post about food innovation. I did not go to the SIAL (the International Food Fair in Paris: unfortunately, I would have loved to, but it costs nearly 100€ the entrance ticket, and it is mostly made for professionals.

Last Saturday I went shopping at the supermarket, and found a lot of new products which seemed quite interesting.



I haven’t tried one product, which is this one: Croc’ Legumes. it is made by a waffle company and there are three tastes offered: carrots and cumin, beetroot and shallots or apple. Each pack costs 2,8€. Those three are made with 50% of vegetables or fruits. The ingredients seem also quite natural.

You can also see on the first picture other products:
-Poulet au four à l’indienne Knorr: the French version of the British “Season n’ shake”, it’s a pack with a plastic bag and some spices to cook chicken in the oven the Indian way. I had bought a Season and Shake from Colman’s in the UK to cook a Tikka Massala chicken. I made it, so you’ll soon have a post about my experience.

-A kinder maxi surprise (I have never noticed this specific size)

-A Pez candy with an Hello Kitty head made with a cuddy toy.

-Pazzie Romarin : an Italian sort of flat and crunchy bread with rosmary.

-Too Good snacks. It is a kind of potato crisps with soya, not fried but made with a specific way called “popping”. It was crunchy, but I did not like the fact that there was too much powder/salt/flavours around the crisps.

-La Boîte Gourmande (black chocolate cookie), which is a small box with flour, sugar, chocolate that you just have to add to some butter and an egg to make cookies.


It makes a dough as you can see below.


And then you get some crunchy and soft at the same time cookies.

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