Singapore Food Diairies: Day 3

29 Oct

Today, my penultimate post about Singapore!





We started the day by going to Ya Kun Kaya Toast, a chain of shops where you can buy kaya toasts, a Singaporean dish made with a toast, butter and kaya (some kind of jam made with eggs, coconut milk, pandan leaves…).


We had some drinks, my friend took a tea, and I tried the “Green tea frostyz”, which looks like the Green tea cream made by Starbucks coffee. It was good, but not as creamy as the one at Starbucks. It cost 4,6 SGD$ (with whipped cream).

We both took a regular kaya toast (only butter and kaya). Each pair of toasts costs 2$.

Then, still hungry, I wanted to try the French Toast with Kaya, nice but not amazing. Quite far from a random French toast (pain perdu).

Then, we headed to the city center, and I found this place where they were selling Japanese drinks and ice-creams. So I tried the yuzu drink, which was absolutely disgusting. Tasted chemical.

Here is the website:

Then, I could not resist to order a Bacon & Egg McMuffin.

Before lunch, we headed to Sentosa island, and I found there a Hershey’s shop, with a big part of it focused on Reese’s. I wanted to buy the whole shop.

There were some teddy bears that were way too expensive (but I was also avoiding to bring anymore things in my luggage because of the weight’s limit).

There were many things I would like to try, but again, it was too expensive or too big.

Thus, I just bought a small pack of Reese’s Minis.

Then we headed to the hawker center inside a mall (I believe it is Vivo City) which is not on Sentosa, but next to the pier that brings people to Sentosa.

The place looks gorgeous, and we bought some dim sum at this food stall.

We also bought some kind of carrot cake (I think it is the name) which was steamed, and not fried.

I also had a smoothie on another food stall.

I don’t recommend it, because they were using fruits that are not ripe enough and the waiters are not nice neither.

I did not come back to McDonald’s, but I thought this ad was quite fun, and only Singapore people can understand it. While we were taking a taxi once, the taxi driver explained to us what were the jokes about the ERP (some kind of automatic payment system for cars called Electronic Road Pricing), they are used to calling it Expensive (or Exorbitant) Road Pricing, so McDonald’s made a joke about that. It’s quite interesting how it is easier for such a big company to create and ad related to popular culture in a smaller country.

Then we came back home and my friend’s mother taught us how to make mochi! So cool! So below, you can find the kind of “flour” (do not know how to call it) to bake the dough for mochi.

It’s not common, but she made it with a Japanese pumpkin (that you can find at the Japanese grocery store in Paris: Kyoko (and organic)) called Kabocha.

She cut it into pieces and put it on microwave until she could make mashed pumpkin with it.

Then she put the rice powder, a bit of sugar and a bit of water (if I remember well).

She mixed it.

And then she put it on the microwave for 1-2 minutes until it make this chewy sticky dough.

Then, we just had to take a piece of mashed pumpkin and roll it.

Then we just flatten a piece of dough, put the piece of mashed pumpkin in the middle and roll everything.

Nice afternoon snack, isn’t it?

It was really nice because of the sweet pumpkin and because it was cool.

Finally, we headed outside to have dinner. We went to the Hawker Center in the department store behind Marina Bay Sands.

I had this dish (of which I don’t remember the name). It wasn’t to my taste though, too much sauce and not tasty enough.

My friend had this Singaporean dish which is really famous : Laksa. it is really really spicy. It’s quite impressive! Apparently people in Singapore like spicy food, I personally think that spices are just a thing to add to give a twist. Too spicy ruins the taste of everything, it’s like putting too much salt or sugar, you get tired of it. I believe food needs to be balanced. I was quite disappointed because in Singapore, there is never any shop which offers diverse types of dishes according to the level of spices (a bit like what they do in London in Indian restaurants). And I think that this Laksa, apart from the spices, should be really good.

I finally headed to the desserts’ stall, and I ordered a dish with rice balls and a peanut sauce.

Once again, it was stuffed with crushed sesame and sugar, so delicious! I wasn’t that fond of the peanut sauce, a bit too heavy. I think that rose tea is the perfect way to have sesame rice balls.

That’s it for today! Enjoy the end of your weekend!

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