GROM, Torino

29 Oct


Today, a small post about GROM, THE ice-cream shop in Torino that you must not avoid.
It is so famous that the brand opened several shops around the world: New York, Paris, Malibu, Tokyo and Osaka.





They have a wide variety of flavours, such as fiordilatte a kind of cheese), nocciola (nuts), bacio (chocolate and nuts), fruits flavours…

It’s also quite interesting because they use PGI products (Europe’s protected geographical indication), which stands for products that must be made in a specific area to be called a certain way, like Mozzarella di Bufala, or Colombian coffee, and in this case; Syracuse’s lemons. They also specify where do their ingredients come from: Colombian chocolate, Tonda Gentile nuts…

I usually recommend people to take a flavour other than fruits, even if it is always very good, but there is such a wide choice of chocolate, nuts, caramel and those flavours like that, so it is always impossible to avoid them.
This time, I was thirsty, so I ordered a cup with three flavours: blueberry, peach and raspberry. All of them were really nice. It cost about 3€.

My cousin took a frappe’ (we fought about the term frappe’, because it is made with ice-cream and milk, which is supposed to be a milkshake (and that is what is written in the French shop)).

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