Trattoria Nennella

27 Oct

Today, a post about my last month trip to Italy! I will start with a restaurant in Naples.


I was accompanied by a group of friends who all live in Naples, and so they brought me to this typical trattoria, which is apparently quite famous (as you can see on the featured image I used).

Here is the menu. I think it can change everyday. There is wide range of dishes and, as you can see, there aren’t any prices. The waiters calculate the final price when you go out, by multiplying the number of primi piatti (starters) by their common price for instance. So it’s quite weird and not reassuring, but we paid 80-90€ for seven people (and most of us took 2 dishes).

I am not an expert of everything we took, firstly because there are many things, and secondly because the place is such a mess (and so noisy) that it is difficult to pay attention to everything that is going on around you.
So here is something I did not order (and that did not look that appealing to me): pasta e patate con provola (pasta and potatoes with cheese).

I had Bucatini al forno con crosta di melanzane (bucatini cooked in the oven with eggplants).

Someone had some grilled zucchini.

I had some grilled peppers.

There was one good thing I would have liked to try, it was the palline di ricotta (ricotta balls).

It looked soft and well made.

This was a dish made with tomatoes and smoked mozzarella (mozzarella affumicata). I can’t find its name on the menu though.

Some of my friends had breaded mozzarella, it looked pretty nice too!

At the end, when we get out, the waiters were offering some Palline di patate for the people waiting outside (potatoes’ balls). Quite sweet.

Trattoria Nennella:

Vico Lungo Teatro Nuovo,

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