Singapore Food Diairies: Day 2

25 Oct



Sorry for the late post! I was quite busy those last few days!
Today, a post about my second day in Singapore!







Firstly I had a full Japanese breakfast, so nice!

We then went to the National Museum where an aisle is only focused on Food. There, you can learn what are the flavours and the main dishes you can find in Singapore, it’s quite interesting!
So basically, you have:
-Satay (marinated meat)
-Laksa (noodles with coconut milk and shrimp paste)
-Char Kway teow (fried flat noodles with soya sauce, fish cakes…)
-Tok Tok Mee (noodles with fishballs, pork or dumplings)
-Bak Kut Teh (pork ribs with herbs and spices)
-Chicken Rice or Hainanese chicken (boiled chicken with spices and pandan leaves)
-Nasi Lemak (rice, coconut, shrimp paste, fish)
-Roti Prata (Indian bread invented in Singapore)

When we took the underground, I found a Mr Bean shop, it is a chain which sells soya milk ice-creams and some stuffed pancakes. The place looks so delicious that I bought three pancakes, one with red beans, one with peanuts and one with chocolate.

My friend had an ice-cream which was amazing, and quite cheap (1,8 SG$). The drinks looked also very nice, and they offer rice balls (the same kind as the ones I had at tea Chapter, that you’ll see later on this post).

My favourite one was the red beans, it was good.

The chocolate was nice, but not amazing, and had some custard inside that came from nowhere.

The peanuts one was nice, but I would have preferred to have a creamy peanut filling instead, it was a bit too dry.

We then went to the Hawker Center in Chinatown and had some local lunch.

I had a Hainanese chicken, which did not seem appealing at all, but was delicious.

Really soft, tender and not dry at all. It cost 3 SGD$.

My friend went to another place to have some noodles: fried kway teow.

It was nice, there was maybe too much sauce. It cost between 3 to 5 SGD$.

Greedy as I am, I went to another food stall specialised in desserts to have a lychee drink.

My friend was not confident at all with me drinking this, but I had no trouble, and it was refreshing!

After visiting Chinatown, we went to Tea Chapter, a Chinese place to have tea, with a kind of “ceremony” to respect.

It’s a really interesting place, the waiters are really nice also.
To start, you need to buy a pack of tea, which start at 14 SGD$ for two, but you can have some more expensive teas.

The waiter advises you about the different kinds of tea (beware of machism, our waiter was advising us to take some white tea because it is lighter than others, so girls would prefer it…). Well, we took some red tea, but their red tea is quite strong compared to the one I am used to drink!

They served tea with some sweet peanuts, it was pretty addictive.

There are many different steps when serving tea there, so I won’t tell you everything, but you can see there are many recipients.

We also ordered some rice balls with a rose tea. I think it is made on order, because it took them a lot of time to bring them!

All the rice balls were filled in with black sesame and sugar, it was amazing!

There were also some candied or cooked lychees, it was good too!

Finally, just a picture of the Maison Kayser shop (the French bakery that has recently opened in Singapore)!

2 Responses to “Singapore Food Diairies: Day 2”

  1. Jo Carroll October 26, 2012 at 00:01 #

    Singapore is food heaven!


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    […] s’en souviennent pas, j’ai découvert ce dessert lorsque j’étais à Singapour : ainsi que des paquets de mooncakes […]

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