21 Oct

Today, a small post about an ice-cream chain that I found in Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia). I think that it is a Vietnamese chain, but I am not sure, I didn’t find anything about it on-line but a Vietnamese website.

I was a bit reluctant about going there because it looks quite chemical, but while we were in Bangkok, we were too tired and too thirsty to not stop.

As you can see on the pictures, it looks indeed chemical, a bit like Bud’s of San Francisco (of which I told you about in my post about Fanny).

I had a scoop of Lime and one of Apple and Cranberry. It cost 98 baht, thus 2,5€. It was alright, did not feel that chemical but I guess that the colour of the Lime sorbet is obviously chemical.

My friend had chocolate and caramel scoops. I did not try though, it cost the same price as mine.

Here is the bill!

I wouldn’t advise you to go there, the place is nice and waiters are nice too, but you can find a lot of other nice places in Bangkok (or in Vietnam) to quench your thirst.


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