Singapore Food Diairies: Day 1

17 Oct



Today, a long post about my first (half) day in Singapore last month!






In Singapore, I was visiting on of my friends from the UK who is Japanese and whom family lives in Singapore (quite complicated), so my stay there was full of food from all over the world (India, China, Japan…).

It started with a delicious lunch prepared by my friend’s mother. She had bought some bread from Maison Kayser, a recent bakery in Singapore created by Eric Kayser, who has many bakeries in Paris (and where, which is quite funny, my own mother buys our daily bread). So sweet from her!

We finished lunch with a green tea and some teacakes. There was one with a pineapple jam which is apparently quite famous.

I found some Milo chocolates in a Seven/Eleven.

It was not as good as the cereals though.. Too sweet and a cheap chocolate was used.

We went in a supermarket under a famous Japanese department store, and found some packs of two peaches from Japan that cost 75$ (Singapore dollars). Those peaches are from a region in Japan which is quite famous for growing peaches. They were really big!

Then we had a walk inside a department store which had implemented a huge place for buying mooncakes. All the mooncakes makers (bakers, hotels…) were there and they were all serving samples! Awesome!

We found some Durian Mooncakes, quite typical.

I also found at the 7/11 some Japanese soda.

Finally, we headed to a restaurant to try some famous Singaporean dishes, such as the chilli crab.
The restaurant is called Jumbo Seafood Gallery.

I’m not fond of spices though, I must admit that for me spices have to be there but must not overwhelm the dish.
The sauce was delicious though, apart from the fact that it was too hot.

They served some buns with it, it looks like industrial bread, but it was not really bread and it was a bit greasy, but it was good! We also took some pepper crab, but once again, it was too much for me (furthermore, I’m not fond of pepper).

We also had some good fried rice as a side.

We ordered delicious prawns. They had this crumb made from “Chinese cereals” as they said. It was sweet and crunchy.

We had scallops too, cooked in a simple way.

One of the members of my friend’s family had this weird dessert with yam. It felt like mashed potato, not really sweet.

But I had a delicious mango pudding!

It tasted like a perfect ripe mango.

That’s it for today!
Jumbo Seafood Gallery:
Riverside Point
30 Merchant Road
# 01-01/02 Riverside Point

(you can find their other locations on their website:

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