KOTO Saigon

14 Oct



Remember my post about KOTO in Hanoi? Well, I finally tried their location in Saigon, and this time I had dinner.

The place is a bit hidden at the bottom of an alley, and it is quite modern. It looks like a big modern house you would like to live in.





We had some nice juices to start with. One of my friends tried the mixed juice (you choose yourself among a list of fruits) with ginger, it was delicious!

I had a passion fruit juice. The mixed juice cost 50 000 dongs (less than 2€) and the passion fruit juice cost 40 000 dongs (1,5€).

Then, because we were with three people who had just arrived in Vietnam, we decided to take some springrolls to share with mango, beef and fresh vegetables to make them try. It was quite good!

Then, we all decided to take some vegetarians arancini (it is an Italian stuffed ball of rice). We all thought that because we were lacking some veggies, taking this would be quite good (although we completely forgot that we would still eat rice, as usual).
They were good too, served with a tomato sauce. Each one cost 110 000 dongs (4,15€).

Finally, most of us took a dessert. One of my friends took the creme caramel (banh flan), which seemed to be made nicely. It cost 45 000 dongs (1,7€).


I had the chocolate tartlet, which was not a success, the dough was a bit old a too soft, the chocolate was not really breathtaking. It cost 75 000 dongs (less than 3€).



Then, another friend had a chocolate mud cake, which looked ok. It cost also 75 000 dongs.



Here is the bill!


Mark: 3/5
Nice place and nice food, and it is made for helping young people! Quite disappointed about the desserts (even more after seeing the menu on their website with the peanut/chocolate dessert).



151A, Hai Ba Trung

District 3 (really close to district 1), Saigon


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