Cakewalk, Saigon

11 Oct

Here is the last cupcake shop I wanted to try in Saigon. I had a breakfast day, although they don’t quite have a breakfast menu. With a friend of mine, we had this evening+breakfast+lunch full of the restaurants we wanted to try, so we were really full.

The place is really nice, really girly. When we arrived, they had just opened, so there weren’t many cupcakes.
Behind the counter, there is a place where they make the cupcakes, it’s quite nice.

The menu is really wide, and the cupcakes are pretty.

We started with a matcha and a nutella.

The matcha was nice and well balanced.

The nutella has some crushed wafers on top and inside there is some melted chocolate.

It is maybe too sweet, but good.

Then we had a Lemon and another Nutella.

The lemon was quite nice and not too sweet.

I don’t have the bill! But each cupcake is about 50 000 dongs (less than 2€). The juices had the same price, although I don’t advise to take them, I would have preferred some tea, but there wasn’t any.
The waitress was quite nice, but she was barely speaking English and a bit distracted. They have a fidelity card there, and so she only took the first name of my friend (my name is too complicated for foreigners, (well, even for French people) so we were used to telling hers) she wrote Lusi instead of Lucie… But good news, if you happen to go to Cakewalk, you can perfectly say you’re Lusi!

84 Nguyen Cong Tru
District 1, Saigon

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