8 Oct

Today I will tell you about some food stall you can find around Vietnam. Unfortunately, there is not the list of all the locations on the website, because it is a franchise, but there were two stalls in Bien Hoa, and I know there is at least one in Hanoi.

Papparoti (the father of all buns) is a Malaysian brand. They make only one type of bun.

It is a crunchy bun on top, with a crumb inside looking like a brioche or sliced bread and in the middle of the crumb, there is something fat that looks like olive oil but tastes a bit like cheese. It’s quite weird, it’s really fat but it’s delicious!

Apparently, they put a cream on top of the dough before cooking it. It sounds even more bizarre.
I don’t really remember the cost of one, but I’m sure it was 20 000 dongs or less (75cts).
The website looks a bit not official, but if you google Papparoti, you can find the Australian website for instance.
They have franchises in many countries such as: China, Midlle-East countries, Indonesia… Apparently they are also implemented in the UK but I can’t find anything about it online! If you know something about that, please tell me!

One Response to “Papparoti”

  1. Marie October 12, 2012 at 11:16 #

    After checking the prixe, it is 12.000 VND for one bun, at our coopmart ! ūüėČ
    Very nice post, I like Paparoti ! :p

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