L’Usine, Saigon

4 Oct





One of the coolest places in Saigon. It took me 4 months to go there (I knew it existed, but always had other things to do).
It’s a kind of cafe/restaurant mixed with a clothes and accessories shop.





The decoration is cool also, and there you can only find expats and wealthy Vietnamese.
Here you can see the menu, written on a tablemat.

The Specials are written on a big board.

Once again, what they call “smoothies” are made with milk… But this time I asked! So the waitress offered to make them without milk (yeaaah victory!). I had one with strawberry and my friend had one with pineapple.

With a friend, we took two dishes to share. The first one was a plate of conchiglie with tomatoes, zucchini, parmesan, feta and many other things. It was quite good! It cost 135 000 dongs (6€).

Then we had a big sandwich (cut in two pieces) with a chicken fillet stuffed with mushroom and olive.
It was also really nice and fresh! It cost 120 000 dongs (4,5€).

Here is the bill!

Mark: 5/5

Nice place, nice staff, nice food.
What I love the most is that you cannot guess what’s behind the entrance. It would be actually pretty hard to find if you did not know where to look!


151/1 Dong Khoi
District 1, Saigon


NB: They recently opened a new space on 70B Le Loi (also in District 1).
To access the first one where I went, you need to get through a gallery of paintings and then turn right (it’s indicated). The new one seems quite easy to find (a big neon with the name written in the front of the shop).

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