Gecko, Bien Hoa

3 Oct




Today I will tell you about another restaurant in Bien Hoa near Saigon.








The place is quite nice and the owner speaks a good English.
The menu is quite wide, with Vietnamese dishes but mostly Western food like pizza, pasta, sandwiches, meats…

They have a wide variety of fresh juices. Here is a passion fruit juice, which costs 25 000 dongs each (about 1€).

I took once garlic bread (with cheese), just to try. I never fully understood the concept of garlic bread though. It’s something I used to see in the UK (you can find a lot of it in the supermarket which is ready to cook, it’s always made with a lot of parsley so I quite dislike it.

In Asia you can usually find garlic bread in Western food restaurants, but it is only made with garlic. As you can see, they don’t simply rub the bread with garlic, they also add the pieces on top (it also happened to me elsewhere in Vietnam), it’s quite disgusting.

The carbonara is nice, not made the perfect way, but when you’ve been staying in Vietnam for more than a month it’s quite nice to eat differently. Furthermore the pasta is well cooked (al dente). I also tried the pesto which is homemade! Still not perfectly done (they might use thai basil but it’s the only one you can find there). It costs 69 000 dongs (2,6€).

The sandwiches are great too. The bread is not perfect too but it’s warm and crunchy! And it is served with homemade chips, which are made the way I like (a bit brown). It costs 65 000 dongs (2,45€).

Here is the bill! Nice meal and nice prices. I warmly advise you to go there if you’re staying in Bien Hoa!

Mark: 4/5

235/58 Duong Tu Giang,
Bien Hoa, Dong Nai

(they also have an address in Hanoi!)

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