Chez Plisson, Bien Hoa

3 Oct



Another restaurant in Bien Hoa in Vietnam.
This one is owned by a French man and the food is only Italian (pizza and pasta).






The drinks’ list is quite short, and the juices are not fresh juices (you can find fresh juices in every restaurant in Vietnam, so it’s quite weird to have a drink from a bottle of juice).

The pizze are nice. I like their crust, which have a taste of olive oil. They are not not the best pizze in the world, but they are nice.

Here I took a Regina pizza. It costs 130 000 for the medium size, and 150 000 dongs for the big one (5,60€).

My friend took the Hawaian pizza (uuuuugh shame on him!). You can choose the size you want for the pizza (it’s something that you can do in most pizza restaurants in Vietnam).

Here is the bill!

Mark: 3/5

You’ll probably meet Mr Plisson who comes downstairs every evening.

Chez Plisson:
Cac Mang Than Tam Street (when you’re coming from Vo Thi Sau, at the end of the street, turn right and the restaurant is at 20 meters),
Bien Hoa

One Response to “Chez Plisson, Bien Hoa”

  1. Kha October 9, 2012 at 22:16 #

    French Restaurants in Vietnam serving Italian food FTW!!!!! I’d love to read about your take on Vuon Xoai.

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