The Elbow room, Saigon

1 Oct

It’s been a while I haven’t talked about Western restaurants in Saigon.
I’m now finally focusing on August, so I’ll soon be over with my posts about Vietnam.

The Elbow Room is not in the most popular area of Saigon. It is still in the District 1, but it is located in a small street.

There is a restaurant next to it called Swiss Chalet. It looked nice! I had a look at the menu and it looked fine too by the way.

So let’s focus on the Elbow Room now, shall we?
There is a dim light in the restaurant and there is also a show each Friday night.

At first, I started with the Garden salad, which was quite consistent, but I was craving for vegetables.
It was really fresh and well seasoned. It costs 100 000 dongs (3,77€).

I took a smoothie (still having trouble with the Vietnamese definition of smoothie) and my friend took a chocolate shake. My smoothie cost 75 000 dongs (less than 2€) and the chocolate shake 100 000 dongs.

Then I had Egg Benedict with smoked ham. It was the first time I ate some, but I can say that they were well prepared.
It cost 140 000 dongs (5,28€).

My friend took a chicken sandwich with focaccia bread. Well, it wasn’t really focaccia, but it seemed good! It cost 200 000 dongs (7,5€).

Finally, we both took a death by chocolate dessert. It is actually a chocolate fondant served with a chocolate ice-cream. Quite delicious. I was always missing chocolate in Vietnam. It cost 150 000 dongs (5,66€).

Here is the bill!

Mark: 4/5

The food was quite nice, but the waiters seemed a bit weird. We were always waiting for them to come, although they did not seem that away regarding other customers…

The Elbow Room:

52, Pasteur Street
District 1, Saigon

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