Meatless Mondays

10 Sep

I recently read this article on Le Monde’s website:

Sorry for the non-French speakers who cannot read this, I’ll try to make a short summary of it.

The writer, Bruno Parmentier, is giving us his view on the current food crisis (for those of you who spent the whole summer in a cave, there has been some climate troubles around the globe, making the prices of cereals and soya much higher than usual).

Mr. Parmentier tells us that recently, there have been more deficit years than surplus years for those raw materials. And once again, it is threatening the life of many people in the world who won’t be able to afford food to eat sufficiently.

The point is that the climate is not the only culprit, we, Westerners, by eating about 90 kilos of meat and 90 kilos of dairy products each year; are increasing the demand for meat and its derivatives and thus, using most of the production of cereals only to feed cattle. The consumption of meat will also tend to rise in the next years because of the emerging countries’ demand.

This article made me questioning my food habits. Since a few months now, I’ve been realising that we are way too dependent to meat. How many people who eat meat less than once per day do you know?

How many people have you heard saying that a meal without meat is not a meal? Do they think that eggs are a sufficient form of meat to eat?

Furthermore, we also know that eating too much red meat is not really good for our health (can increase the risks of some cancers for instance). See more information here:

So why are we still focusing our meals on meat exclusively, what is so wrong with the fact of not eating meat for your whole dinner (and not even eggs in salads or desserts!)?

Let’s be realistic, we can make two or three dinners per week without eating a piece of meat.

So I support the Meatless Monday’s initiative and I’ll try to give you some veggie recipes in the future (and avoid giving meat recipes on Monday, obviously).

For more information about the Meatless Monday, please check out the official website:

They give a meatless recipe each week, so you can get creative to avoid eating meat.

If you have ideas of meals without meat, please do not hesitate to give them! Exchanging good recipes or ideas of dishes can also help people becoming more open-minded about avoiding meat.

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  1. wilma September 10, 2012 at 12:27 #

    Très intéressant

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